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Step 1: Browse the website and click “Songs” or “Genres” or “Artists” to look for the songs you want to download

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Step 2: Search for songs, albums, or artists by typing it on the search bar. Make sure that you got the spelling right!

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Step 3: Click on your name to edit your profile. Change your password, username, and other details.

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Step 4: To buy songs and albums, load your wallet first using Paypal or credit card.

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Step 5: You can download the songs which you bought at the “My Collections” page. You are given up to five (5) days to download the song.

5 collection


Step 6: Click on the banners to go to the song or album’s page featured on the banner. You can also click the right or left buttons to browse other banners.

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Step 7: Check out  the newest and most in-demand songs in our charts! Click “New Singles” “Digital Exclusives” or “OPM Hits” to choose which songs to download!

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Step 8: Add us up on your social media! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check out our other social network sites!

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