X-Factor Philippines

KZ Tandingan

Play Song Title Artist Price Purchase
Got To Be Real Aka Jam P25.00
Love The Way You Lie Allen Jane Sta. Maria P25.00
All At Once Daddy's Home P25.00
It Will Rain Gabriel Maturan P25.00
Kung Wala Na Jerriane Templo P25.00
Can�t Help Falling In Love Jeric Medina P25.00
Ang Pag-ibig Kong Ito Joan Da P25.00
Mahal Kita Kasi Kedebon Colim P25.00
Nanghihinayang Mark Mabasa P25.00
Balatkayo Modesto Taran P25.00
Stay Take Off P25.00
Star Ng Pasko X-Factor All Star P25.00

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