An Indie Christmas

Various Artists

Play Song Title Artist Price Purchase
Wish CAPO P25.00
Ang Tunay Na Diwa Ng Pasko Darlene Angelini Co P25.00
December Parade Date With Fate P25.00
The 25th of December Debbie Nicodemus P25.00
If I Could Hold You Here Tonight Denis Lalata P25.00
Ngayong Pasko Eric Cruz P25.00
Noche Buena Icebox P25.00
Ngiti Ng Pasko JeffreYumol P25.00
Love To Share This Christmas Kinetic Daze P25.00
Same Christmas Loved By Pilar P25.00
Araw araw Sana Ang Pasko Lynman Bacolor P25.00
IsmyL Muffin P25.00
Kawangis Ng Pasko Njel De Mesa P25.00
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Noel Mahinay P25.00
Pasko ay Paliwanagin Sensitivo P25.00
Ihatid Ang Pasko Sigwada Experiment P25.00
Christmas Time is Here Squeezers P25.00

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